Using Alternative Fuels in San Francisco

Researched, written, and produced by Allegra Gordon, Jared Gropp, and Antonia Brooks
Spring 2009

This section of Greening San Francisco is dedicated to alternative fuels and how they are being used in San Francisco and the world. We have compiled research pertaining to the array of different alternative fuels as well as their efficiency and applicability. San Francisco has solid plans to integrate alternative fuel vehicles into their government fleet and the public transportation system. For example, the Yellow Cab Cooperative has and continues to add compressed natural gas-powered vehicles into its fleet. Also, as of 2008, San Francisco has planned to build its first biodiesel plant to supply local vehicles with B-20 fuel. Despite all of these plans being discussed and developed, we are awaiting San Francisco to take action.

Background information about fuels
What is San Francisco doing to foster usage of alternative fuels?
What else could San Francisco be doing to promote use of alternative fuels?
An interview with Ryan Lamberg
Our evaluation of the effectiveness of the City's efforts around promoting use of alternative fuels

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