Environmental Justice in San Francisco

Researched, written, and produced by:
Adrienne von Schulthess and Natasha Weiss, Spring 2010
Amelia Koster, Andrea Lauden, and Alex Sicurella, Spring 2009

The purpose of this page is to provide a resource detailing examples of environmental injustice in the San Francisco Area. We focused on the Bayview- Hunters Point area, a predominantly low-income neighborhood surrounded by an excess of industrial and polluting developments. The region has been recorded to have a heightened asthma rate, mostly due to air pollution and deficient residential ventilating systems. By looking at the governmental policies regarding Environmental Justice, and the results of these policies, we were able to evaluate the city's actions and propose potential further measures. We are focusing on several Environmental Justice issues: the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the Potrero Hill and Hunters Point Power plants, the San Francisco Sewage System, Diesel pollution, and the general health impacts in Bayview/Hunters Point and Potrero Hill.

Background information about environmental justice in San Francisco
What is San Francisco doing to address environmental justice concerns and issues?
What else could San Francisco be doing to address environmental justice issues?
An interview with Raymond Manion, San Francisco Department of Environment
Our evaluation of the effectiveness of the City's efforts around environmental justice

What is the state of California doing to address environmental justice issues?
What is the federal government doing to address environmental justice?
An interview with XXXXX, XXXXXXX
Our analysis of which sets of policies or actions are most effective in addressing the issue of environmental justice

View of the old Hunters Point power plant