Reducing Toxins in San Francisco

Researched, written, and produced by Henry Klingenstein, Sam Ostler, and Hayden Davis
Spring 2009

The purpose of our research has been to analyze and critique San Francisco's policies and actions concerning toxin reduction in the Bay Area. We have spent our time looking at the many ordinances and laws already passed, while then moving forward to find the gap between what we have done and the next steps that must be taken. Although San Francisco is obviously a progressive city with respect to environmental issues, having greatly reduced the amount of toxins used by the city's programs, we have found that there is still plenty of work to be done regarding toxin reduction. The city also focuses on individual actions, and encourages residents to make conscious decisions when purchasing household products. Although these projects are often extremely effective, there are still toxins present in the city that need to be addressed and reduced.

Background information about use and disposal of toxins in San Francisco
What is San Francisco doing to address toxins within the City limits?
What else could San Francisco be doing to address toxins?
Interviews with Jessian Choy and Cynthia Knowles
Our evaluation of the effectiveness of the City's efforts around toxins

Oil spill in the San Francisco Bay (