DRAFT Sample Style Page (the title should be Heading 2 style)

Main text should be written in Normal style. Please do not change the font or font size. Only use bold or italics in the rarest of situations -- good writing usually relies on the actual sentences to communicate emphasis, instead of relying on fonts.

Here's a new paragraph. Note that there are two paragraph returns after the end of the previous paragraph. Do not indent paragraphs.

Below is a bulleted list -- using bulleted lists is likely to be helpful for you all at times.
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3. Note that to get back to the main text, click the bullet icon a second time when you are on a new paragraph.

There's a paragraph after my bulleted list. Note that there is a blank paragraph return before the start of the bulleted list.

Subheadings on a page should be in Normal style, but should be bolded.

You must include footnotes for sources that you cite -- though this may sound overwhelmingly, it's actually easy. To create a citation, type this short HTML code:
<ref>Include the URL of the citation here </ref>
The wikispaces website will automatically format everything from there. Check out the citation at the end of this sentence for more information.[1]

We're going to use a style of referencing called the APA style -- named after the American Psychological Association. Here is a link to a pretty detailed description of how to use that style.

It also may help you to actually see a scientific article using these references. Here are some examples -- in both cases, scroll to the bottom to see the references section:
Example 1
Example 2

Here's a random picture of me hitchiking in Alaska. Please center pictures, and always include captions that are relevant. Click the X in the top right of the "Image Properties" box to save changes. Note that the caption won't show up until you exit edit mode -- annoying. Include a reference for each photo as well, stating where the image came from -- apparently, you can't create footnotes from the caption of a picture. (Photo taken by author.)

Unlike the previous picture, your images should actually relate to the main text of your web site. It should be obvious why you're inserting them.

Creating page jumps
Page jumps are a great way to organize a lot of content on a single page. You've all used them on Wikipedia -- they are the links at the top of a page that you click to go to a specific place further down the page. You all are definitely going to want to use page jumps in your pages of the web site. Below are some fairly straightforward directions for doing this in wikispaces. Make sure to pay attention to syntax/spacing!

Directions for creating page jumps here.


  1. ^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Cite_sources#Inline_citations