Waste Reduction in San Francisco

Researched, written, and produced by Rebecca Beames and Danica Lauden.
Spring 2009

This page provides insight to the workings of San Francisco's waste reduction programs and ordinances, all in an effort to reach the Zero Waste goal by 2020. Our webpage presents background information on hazardous waste, recycling, composting, and landfill systems, as well as San Francisco's current policies on residential and commercial responsibility to reduce waste. An interview with a city environmental official, Joanne Wong, is included to enhance our research and provide a valuable perspective on present and future San Francisco policies. Although San Francisco is one of the most progressive, environmentally-conscious cities in the world, we have recommended some policies and programs from other cities to show what San Francisco could do better, in addition to an analysis of the true effectiveness of our city's practices and policies.

Background information about waste reduction in San Francisco
What is San Francisco doing to reduce the production of waste?
What else could San Francisco be doing to address waste issues?
An interview with Joanne Wong, Zero Waste Associate
Our evaluation of the effectiveness of the City's efforts around waste reduction