Water Usage in San Francisco

Researched, written, and produced by:
Lola Less and Victoria West, Spring 2010
Martin Lindsey, Morgen Warner, and Jill Fisher, Spring 2009

This section covers the topic of water usage in San Francisco. It contains general information on San Francisco's water supply, measures the city is already taking to increase water efficiency, and further steps the city can take in addressing the water issue. There's an interview that offers the perspective and insight of public servant Dana Haasz, and finally a closing evaluation of San Francisco's effectiveness against the issue of water consumption.

Recently we have added information on California's role in water consumption and its efforts to promote water conservation. There is also a section highlighting the federal government's influence on water use in California and its efforts to promote water conservation on a national level. We interviewed XXXXXXX and XXXXXX from the San Francisco Environmental Protection Agency, and a final evaluation of water efficiency, quality, and redistribution on a city, state and federal level.

The Levi Plaza fountain.


Background on water in San Francisco.
What is San Francisco doing to address water consumption?
What else could San Francisco be doing to address water issues?
An interview with Dana Haasz, water conservation administrator.
Our evaluation of the effectiveness of the City's efforts to reduce water consumption.
What is the state of California doing to address water consumption?
What is the federal government doing to address water consumption
An interview with XXXXXXX
Our analysis of which sets of policies or actions are most effective in addressing the issue of water use