This web site was created by a class of 17 juniors and seniors at The Urban School of San Francisco, as part of Greening San Francisco, a 6-week class on San Francisco's environmental policies. Students worked in six different groups to research and examined each of the six environmental domains visible in the list in the navigation bar to the left. Each of these links will take you to a description of the issue, information about actions that the City is taking, and an analysis of the effectiveness of these City programs. If you're curious, you can read the syllabus for more information on the structure and organization of the class.

About This Space
This space is visible to the public, but can only be edited by class members. If you have something that you are eager to contribute, e-mail Geoff (the class teacher). Please tell other people about this site, if you think that it's useful -- and also please sign our guest book with your comments.